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I received notification on 22JAN that I received a gifft subscription to Mother Earth News from R. Gray. Thank you!
Other must-reads I am fortunate to receive:
Earth First! Journal
Black Seed
Oak Root Press’ Newsletter
Crimethinc’s podcast transcript
Thank you!

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ishanThis is from The Final Straw

I’ve gotten a lot of mail asking me about Ihsan. In a previous segment, I described how Ihsan was taken by police to Oceans Behavior Hospital, rather than being given the glass of water and good night’s sleep she needed. At Oceans, Ihsan was overmedicated until she was virtually catatonic, and staff there put her in an adult diaper and wheeled her into the corner of the hospital’s geriatric unit. She went without food and water until her kidneys shut down. She suffered 3 strokes. After being transferred to another hospital, she died twice and was revived.

She remained in a vegetative state for quite some time, and when I recorded the last segment about her, she wasn’t expected to make it out of the ICU. But in the words of George Dubya, the doctors greatly misunderestimated Ihsan. She regained consciousness but couldn’t speak, then got pneumonia– which is usually a death sentence for someone who was in her condition. Read more »

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Terry “Black Lightning” Tibbals Back in the Prison Mismanagement Business as Warden of London Corruptional Institution: Preventable Deaths, Rebellions and Escapes Soon to Follow.

blacklightningWhen you imagine someone with a nickname like “Black Lightning,” a guy like Terry Tibbals doesn’t come to mind. Husain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, might be able to sport that nomeclature… But a pasty white guy under six feet tall whose weight easily exceeds 350 pounds should really consider a different customized plate.

The reason that former Mansfield Warden Terry Tibbals chose “Black Lightning” was, of course, to describe his black Lexis, the car of his dreams, finally obtainable thanks to his meteoric rise through the ranks of the Ohio Department of Retribution and Corruption. His car represented a kind of vindication, a statement to the high school cheerleaders who had rejected him. Finally, as Mansfield Warden, with his lucrative salary and his sleek sports car, he could bag all the high school cheerleaders he could handle.
But, unfortunate for him (and quite fortunate for untolled adolescent sex drives), his tenure at Mansfield Corruptional was short lived, marred by a string of preventable prisoner deaths, embezzlement scandals, prisoner rebellion, and successful escape. He was relieved as warden at Manci, packing the contents of his desk into a cardboard box roughly 4years after taking the reins of power.

In August 2013, Black Lightning faced exile as a desk jockey at Gestapo Headquarters, ODRC Central Office, his career in human bondage reduced to a smoking crater. Read more »

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