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Resistance Radio: Human Rights

UntitledThis originally aired on 
The Final Straw radio show.

The American public school system devoted twelve years to convincing us that the United States is the land of the free and the home of the brave, that this country is exceptional in guaranteeing freedom. The U.S. commitment to human rights makes it the greatest country in the world, according to the story it projects to every corner of the globe.

So lets talk about human rights in the Americas. The Organization of American States (OAS) is a treaty organization, founded in 1948, under the United Nations Charter, and 36 nation­ states in the Americas are member­ states of the OAS, including the United States. The principles of the OAS are related in the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man, a petty radical declaration as far as hierarch state worshipers go. Besides the criminal justice rights normally understood, and the right to freedom of belief and speech, the American Declaration lists freedoms like the right to residence and movement; right to asylum; right to health; right to culture, education and fair pay… all rights that go even beyond the U.S. Constitution guarantees. Read more »

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Jesus and Ferguson

jesusThis originally aired on The Final Straw radio show.

I think its high time we have a discussion, maybe globally, about this Jesus guy who’s name keeps popping up again and again, even in the early days of the Ferguson uprising. Jesus really seems to be getting in the way of things. I haven’t met him myself, but it appears plenty of other people have. A large number of his friends seem to be painters. Its clear from depictions of Jesus over the last two thousand years, he doesn’t age much. So he must be at least a distant relative of Dick Clark, or New Years Rockin Eve fame.

Although Jesus has clearly had some cosmetic work done. If you look at his nose he used to have a real honker, now from the copious renderings of him available in any American trailer park, Jesus looks a lot like Billy Rae Cyrus in a bedsheet and sandals. It seems that, of late, his primary mission is to bring his achy-breaky heart to any site of resistance against the tyrannical state so he can wrap his loving arms around his followers, hold them defenseless and let the cops punch kick teargas, tase and perhaps even shoot them to death. Jesus restrains his followers while cops knock the snot out of them and then his followers, inevitably bleeding from any number of bodily orifices invariably say “thank you Jesus.”

The popular consensus worldwide is that Jesus is opposed to violence, but during his two thousand year career as a community organizer his catagorical opposition to violence plays out the same way over and over. Jesus restrains the oppressed from their liberatory violence while agents of the state continue unfettered brutality, assaulting and killing, employing unilateral state violence with reckless abandon. And because of Jesus’ strict policy, his followers and those who join them are doomed. Read more »

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This originally aired on The Final Straw radio show.

Let’s talk about Ferguson MO. A Black unarmed teen was shot repeatedly by a white officer while Brown had his arms in the air. Since then, an angry community has been protesting, which led to small scale rioting and looting. To talk about the situation in Ferguson honestly though, I think we’d have to talk about it in a broader context. A couple years back I wrote a piece called, “On the Morality of Killing Police” which is still posted at I wrote that in response to a good friend of mine being brutally and unnecessarily assaulted by a St Louis police officer. I argued then that it’s a legitimate question to ask whether defense of human life necessitates the pro-active and pre-emptive killing of police.
The fact that I wrote that for posting two years ago demonstrates that the rampant problem of sadistic and over-aggressive trigger happy cops in the St Louis area is not a new phenomenon. And to revisit my argument from that article, consider: if that cop who committed the most recent shooting had been found dead in his police cruiser after I wrote that article, Michael Brown would still be alive. Read more »

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