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Against the Legitimacy of Social Sciences

A friend recently wrote and apologized for taking so long to get back with me explaining the cause of the delay to be “psychological”and “mental health” issues. I know what that means of course. People sometimes have a sense of life being overwhelming and experience difficulties, emotional trauma and conflict. When things get bad and we have trouble coping, we understand the events as involving “psychological” and “mental health” implications.

I find myself questioning this. I find myself inquiring into the legitimacy of what we now accept as the psychological and psychiatric paradigms.

But before I proceed, some disclosure: In high school and college I studied the social sciences. My degree from Ashland, I had a concentration in psychology (they did not call it a ‘major’ then) After my degree, I studied via correspondence with the Ohio University until my G.I. bill funding expired.

In short, I’m qualified to write some pop psychology self-help book to help you adjust to swivelization and delay and delay your eventual “postal” moment, when you go bonkers and shoot co-workers,or your “road rage” response where you turn some lousy, distracted driver into a mulch for cemetery grass. I could give you advice on how to live a “well adjusted”andmentally healthy” life. Read more »

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Review of Keith LaMar’s Condemned.

Dear Governor Kasich,

Please find enclosed Condemned by Keith LaMar. It was sent to me nearly a month ago so that I could write a review. It took prison officials 24 days to get it to me. I received it at mail call yesterday. I had it read in under a day, and I am now sending it to you.

If you can read this, cover to cover, without tears of rage rolling down your face, you don’t have a pulse.

Last month you praised the three women who survived the brutal captivity, held for years by Ariel Castro. You spoke passionately about their courage and heroism. Read Condemned and you’ll be convinced that Keith LaMar is just as deserving of the medals you gave those three surviving women.

Some irrefutable conclusions, upon reading Condemned: Read more »

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Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain Smuggles Communique out of Supermax Blacksite: Confirms Prison Officials are Really Really Stupid


The Oppressive Department of Retribution and Corruption (ODRC) has officially blocked my communication with the outside world, completely, silencing me indefinitely. It’s totally unprecedented. I cannot even contact my mom who just got through total hip replacement surgery.

I am cut off totally from the outside world which involves the collaboration of Jpay to block all emails and freeze all funds, and tele and Global Tele link to lock me out of the phone system. I’m the target of fascist fuckweasals and multi billion dollar corporations that seek to the plug on my involvement in “The Final Straw”radio show.

To describe this fascist, extra judicial scenario, I have to find ways to smuggle communiques out of a super maximum security facility. Fortunately, while the fuckweasels are brutal, they are not very bright. Frankly, getting this out to you was so easy, I really, I don’t feel safe with shitheads partrolling the public.

I don’t want to reveal how this got out in case I need to keep using this system- no telling how long I’ll be Blacksited, given how incredibly dangerous my own radio segments are-but once this is over,I’ll give a detailed account and we can another good round of laughter at the expense of these goof troops. Read more »

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