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Reformists suffer from a kind of pathology. They believe in the possibility of “fixing” existing systems like the government or the economy, by way of making new laws or mobilizing support to institute new policies about how those systems operate. I say they suffer from a kind of pathology becuz believing in the potential of “reform” is kind of like believing in unicorns and magical beans.
At the root, when we’re talking about reform, we’re talking about a strategy for ASKING those in authority to exercise their authority differently. Unlike revolutionaries or insurrectionists, who seek to topple those in authority or to disassemble authority all together, reformists want to WORK WITH authorities to get authorities to WORK WITH them.
But consider this: Every change to an existing system is a “reform.” Right? Before the change, whatever it is, it was doing one thing; now, after the change, it does something else. So, reforms are occurring constantly, and reforms have been occurring from the very beginning of swivelization when humans made the mistake of settling in one place and growing crops.
Six thousand years or more of constant reforms has gotten us to this hot mess of mayhem that reformists now seek to reform.
Reformists are the ones who have been digging for 6,000 years in an effort to get out of a hole, only to find it getting deeper, so they now commit themselves to digging twice as fast.
Right. Pathology. Doing something for 6,000 years, over and over, expecting a favorable result… as if more of the problem is the solution to the problem.
And the thing is, even the reformists know what they do is an exercise in futility. Just ask a reformist some time, “How long before the system is perfected? What’s your timeline?” And that’s a valid question, isn’t it? I mean, they ARE trying to fix the system… So how long before it’s fixed, before we no longer need to tinker with it? How long before it simply works?
A reformist will stare at you with blank eyes, like a cow watching a passing train. No answer. No answer becuz a reformist, deep down, doesn’t believe– any more than you or I do –that a system like a government or an economy can be fixed and left to run perfectly well. Even reformists, for all of their talk of fixing a system, cannot conceive of an endpoint when the system is fixed, when reformists stop reforming, when lawmakers stop lawmaking, when everything is finally in its proper place and functioning fine.
So just imagine for a moment if auto makers shared this reformist mindset in manufacturing. If auto makers thought like reformists, everywhere you drive, you would have a team of mechanics running alongside your vehicle, tinkering with it as you go. They would never stop modifying your vehicle the whole time you own it. They would NEVER get done fixing it.
But what’s WORSE for reformists, the machine they’re working on is 6,000 years old. They’re still running alongside it, trying to get it running properly. What do I know? I’m a captive at a super duper max, a former gas station attendant. But I have a question to throw out there: If you have a machine you haven’t been able to fix after 6,000 years, and if you don’t even have a reasonable timeline for predicting when the machine will be running smoothly all on its own, isn’t it time to stop trying to fix it… To recognize the machine sucks… And to just scrap it once and for all?
Reformists are the parents who stay up all night before Christmas morning, trying to follow the nonsensical instructions and piece together that stupid, complicated toy… Failing over and over… Frustrated… For 6,000 years.
Where’s the plastic toggle switch? And why do I have these screws left over? Oh, what the fuck?!
Yeah. Like that.
And even when reformists succeed, they fail. Consider the example of prison reformists who seek furloughs and better conditions, conjugal visits and community diversions. You realize, not so long ago, all those things were staples of the prison system– and were taken out. So that means earlier generations of reformists already succeeded and achieved those reforms… That were later taken away. And modern day reformists seek to reintroduce reforms they know were introduced before… And will be taken away again.
So… Reformists are people who struggle to get the solution they had yesterday… So they can get it back today… Even though it will be taken away tomorrow.
THAT’S the recipe for perpetual wheel spinning. The time for fixing the machine is past. Let’s liberate ourselves from the reformist pathology and disssemble this unfixable machine once and for all.
For Ihsan, this is anarchist prisoner Sean Swain from Ohio’s supermax facility. If you’re listening, you are the resistance…
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deniseI’m going to try to get through this. Please bear with me. I’m incredibly wounded. I need to tell you about what happened to Denise Rene Miller. I called her Ihsan.
She worked for a time in the Texas prison system until they drummed her out for refusing to neglect prisoners. They also drove her to a nervous breakdown in the process. She won a settlement and retired at 48, and as she recovered from the trauma, she found my site and my writings. What I wrote from my experience resonated with her own. She began to write to me. Her first letter was June 6, 2013.
After I transferred here to OSP, Ihsan got herself put on my visiting list and last fall, she drove all the way from Texas to visit me on 3 consecutive days. Visits were 4 hours through plexiglass. Ihsan admitted late on that first visit that she had been afraid I would ask her to leave, but once she met me she realized I smile a lot more than she anticipated and she marveled at how different I am from my writings.
That’s a good thing, right?
As she left last fall after those visits, she promised to create a Facebook page. She made Free Sean Swain, which was hacked by fascists, and then, later, Sean Swain Defense Committee. She wrote me daily, and told me that I had changed her life. The opposite was true. She is the most loving, gentlest, kindest human being I have ever known. A beautiful light in a dark world.
This past spring, she scheduled 3 visits in April and 3 in May. For the entirety of the 6 visits, she kept her hand pressed to the glass, opposite mine. We got photos taken. She planned a strategy for support to get my status lowered and let me in on it. She wanted me at 4A where we could “breathe the same air.” Between visits, she went to Sandusky to dig around in my criminal case. She also went to visit ODRC counsel Trevor Clark– Trainwreck Trevor –as the Executive Director of the Sean Swain Defense Committee. She made it clear to Trainwreck that people out there care about me.
During one of her visits, Ihsan forgot to sign in. So, officers brought the log book to her. Her hands were shaking so badly, she had to hold her right wrist with her left hand to steady it. These tremors are a side effect from her bipolar medication. She felt ashamed that I saw that, but I only thought about how she wrote every day and sometimes had to struggle like that… It made me appreciate her mail even more. So, when she asked me, “What if the tremors get worse?,” I told her I’d just have to hold her tighter.
She never cried in front of me when she left. She would wait until she was out of my sight. Visiting staff told me. Even they adored her.
So, when my status got lowered, Ihsan scheduled visits for 25, 27,and 28 September. We would, in her words, finally breathe the same air. She sewed a new dress for jer visit. In one letter, she asked if I would dance with her just one time so she could finally get over not being asked to prom. She didn’t know, but I memorized the words to “Unchained Melody” for that dance.
It appears I’ll never have that dance. I’ll never see her in that dress.
In an effort to slim down, Ihsan took diet pills. Those pills reacted with her bipolar medication and made her manicky, staying up 3 straight nights. This was Labor Day weekend. When the shrink was contacted, he said to call the cops. When the cops arrived, they didn’t give her the big glass of water and 4 hours of sleep she needed; they took her away. Because of her phobia of restraints, this just made things worse. After 2 hours at county she was shipped off to Oceans Behavioral Hospital, Midland, Texas.
After several days without mail from Ihsan, I called to find out she had been involuntarily taken away a week prior. I was upset. I wrote her every day, sent envelopes, paper, a rubber pen. No responses. I finally got through to someone on 18September and found out why.
At Oceans Behavioral Hospital, Ihsan got so dehydrated that her kidneys shut down. She was in organ failure. It takes a long time without food and water to get to organ failure, and it is excruciating. Keep in mind, she’s 5’1″, 110 pounds, with a history of bipolar and only needed sleep and a glass of water. She was held against her will, isolated and alone, and deprived of water until she went into renal failure. She developed blood clots and had 3 strokes, and went into a coma.
This is what they did to my Ihsan. The gentlest human being I have ever known. I drown in images of her locked away day after day, no help coming, alone. No mail.
At this writing, she’s in ICU and not expected to live.
She had a visit scheduled for the 25th. We’d breathe the same air. She sewed a new dress. Ihsan now has tubes sticking out of her, keeping her alive. I’m her memory now. Denise Rene Miller, Ihsan, deserves to be honored, not forgotten. She isn’t expendable, disposable. She’s irreplaceable. We live in a dark world getting darker as her beautiful light grows dim.
I’m afraid the world will go on and on and it will be like she wasn’t here. Don’t forget. Please remember Ihsan and leave her name behind, the next time you undertake action against this murderous machine.
Lihub Allah, Ihsan.
This is anarchist prisoner Sean Swain from Ohio’s supermax facility. If you’re listening, you are the resistance…
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JPay Remain’s Silent when Confronted with State-Partner Civil Rights Abuses.

So, here’s the blueprint. The State outsources to a for-profit corporation that takes over a former government service. The corporation assumes powers the government USED to exercise, becoming a de facto, unelected government. It gives the State its marching orders. Anybody who objects, the State bashes in his or her skull to silence criticism and protect profiteers’ bottom lines. The profiteers reciprocate by giving the political officials some stock options and political campaign contributions and pay-offs no one can trace. It’s the model of General Agusto Pinochet’s Chile after the CIA backed assassination of Salvador Allende. It also serves as the model for the relationship between the State of Ohio and the JPay Corporation, whose profit margins were defended by recourse to torture by the ODRC.

The following email was sent to JPay, explaining the state terror campaign that Ohio waged for JPay’s profit margins, including some pretty pointed questions. JPay responded on 16SEP by REFUSING TO ACCEPT ANY FURTHER COMMUNICATION FROM ME. That’s right. My JPay Support Team refuses to talk to me AND won’t permit me to engage in any further inquiry into their company’s position on torture.
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