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To Our Friends

From The Final Straw Radio

The Invisible Committee published “The Coming Insurrection” in 2007, right before the entire planet erupted in insurrections– from Greece to the Arab Spring, South America to Occupy. It would seem that The Invisible Committee saw something coming that the rest of us didn’t see.

The coming insurrection arrived, and by all indications, it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

June 2015, the Invisible Committee follows up “The Coming Insurrection” with the release of their latest: “To Our Friends.” It appears on 4 continents, translated into 8 languages. MIT Press is putting it out at a probable price of just $13.95 wherever quality books are stolen.

Someone was kind enough to forward to me an uncorrected page proof while I’m on complete communications blacksite status at a maximum security prison– again demonstrating why I don’t feel safe with these jack-wagons protecting the public. And since it’s totally impossible for me to get any communication out to the outside world, you know, like this radio segment you’re listening to RIGHT NOW, I decided to lay around for a couple of days and read this advance copy of The Invisible Committee’s latest.

Having read it, I have a prediction to make: If just half of the people who read “The Coming Insurrection” read “To Our Friends,” the entire control system that exploits us right now will collapse within 5 days. We have to give it 5 days, you know. Some people read slower than others.

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McDonalds Workers and Alabama Prisoners

From The Final Straw Radio.

I’m on a complete communications blackout, so I have access to very limited news brought to me mostly by Walt Disney News Corporation, designed to keep all of us hypnotized and under control. But, I’ve heard bits and pieces about some events that involve McDonalds’ workers and Alabama prisoners. I don’t know the details of those situations, but why should that stop me?

I think what’s transpiring with regard to McDonalds’ workers and Alabama prisoners is monumental and signals the beginning of something big. Here’s why:

In the 1990s, large corporations took advantage of international trade deals, moving jobs to locations that gave them greater advantages. They shipped U.S. jobs to Mexico, then Mexican jobs to India, then Indian jobs to China. It was a “race to the bottom.” In fact, today, manufacturing jobs aren’t located in any one country but are, instead, in a state of constant migration. There’s now such a large pool of unemployed and desperate people in the U.S. that those jobs are circling back around on a second tour, returning at sweatshop wages. All of this was driven by a larger corporate strategy, of course, as corporations amassed more wealth that translated as more power, and the rest of us were left powerless and sleeping in our cars… if we were lucky to have a car. The corporations now hold everyone hostage, making outrageous demands for tax breaks and for subsidies, for workers to take pay cuts and give up benefits… or they’ll pack up and leave for greener pastures. Read more »

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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

cswsThere’s lots of new stuff at!

Want to see a basic chronology of what’s been going on in the war of attrition between Sean and certain central office fuckweasels? Look here:

How about Sean’s proposal of how to settle the A12M lawsuit before things get any more out of hand? That’s here:

Wanna see the argument Sean used to win a reduction in his security level? I think you do, it includes COs running around naked and shooting roman candles out of their ass cracks:

Sean’s most recent philosophical treatise is a twelve page deposition to the courts, in which he tries to explain anti-civ anarchism to the poor deluded hierarchs in a language they might understand. Wanna read it?

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