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Letter from Rob “Skinny” Mahone

This is a letter Sean forwarded from his former neighbor at SOCF…

Swain- Thanks man- I received lots of love and support- I can’t even respond to all of these letters- so I wrote 12 people back and ask them to¬† send my appreciation to everyone else that wrote.

Listen- these people are out of control up here. Sunday the 13th they actually put the dude that broke my jaw like 5 cells down from me on the same medical range! Man this was not supposed to happen for sure- he was talking all kinds of crazy shit over the range- he was on suicide watch- then some CO was working- said “Hey! That guy can’t be up here- he assaulted Mahone!” so they quickly moved him Monday morning…

They know we got a separation man- but somebody wanted to let him rub it in and fuck with me.

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Eating Bob!

square-blackHey Swainiacs! Check out the gonzo radio play Sean wrote!

It’s called Eating Bob, it’s produced by Insurgent Theatre, and appearing about once a month at You can also share it around on the social medias.

A rambling pre-apocalyptic roadtrip story about drug addled sex maniac cannibals hell bent on getting hold of an eleven million dollar inheritance and using it to end civilization, Eating Bob is the gonzo brainchild of infamous anarchist prisoner and Ohio Governor-in-Exile Sean Swain.

Swain dives in to pure fiction with this extravaganza of senseless sex and gratuitous violence (as opposed to the strict non-fiction stories of his ascension to Governor in Exile of Ohio and his other purely factual escapades in the Ohio prison system, which are well documented at

Explicit language and adult themes abound. Read more »

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Sean Requesting Support

We just received mail Sean dated Aug 28th. The USPS date stamp on it is Sept 14th. The prison is holding Sean’s outgoing mail for weeks.

This is a kite he included in his letter:

We asked supporters to contact the prison and find out what is going on with Sean’s communication access. Compiling information from various supporters, it appears Sean has been given a 60 day JPay restriction, but is on level 3A. The Deputy Warden claimed to not know why Sean wasn’t making phone calls.

The letter from Aug 28th also included this copy of an affidavit Sean wrote and filed with the courts, describing his situation from before we pressured the prison to put him in 3A housing. Read that here.

On Sept 8th, Sean appears to have had brief access to the WCI JPay kiosks, which are notorious for being always broken. Emails he sent to some supporters contained the subject line “open letter to the ceo of jpay at his home addresses” but had no contents. After this, Sean’s access to email was suspended.

We’re not sure what to make of all of this information, and encourage anyone who seeks to interpret Sean’s wishes and act in solidarity to exercise caution and proceed of their own volition.

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