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Please send Blackjack some mail!

blackjack-noteBlackjack Dzelajlija, in photo (bigger photo here) was sent to the super-duper-uber-mega-ultra-hyper-turbo-max because a rap verse he wrote appeared in 12 Monkey materials. He’s subjected to deprivation because the 12 Monkeys have great taste in music. If only Blackjack had falsely implicated Sean Swain, he would be at medium security now. Instead, he suffered a year of starvation and torture as Sean’s cell-mate in the Special Manglement Unit at MANCI, and has been held in solitary at OSP since August 2013 with no end in sight, targeted for his anarchist “ideology.”

Blackjack needs reading materials and penpals. All materials must come from a publisher or distributor, softback books only. His interests include anarchist theory and Christian liberation theology (convergence of anarchism and Christianity includes Leo Tolstoy). As a rapper, he could use a rhyming dictionary. And he could also use some mail to keep his mind engaged with the world on the other side of the fence.
Take the time to steal some good books for him and send them in from a local distro, and drop him a line so he knows he’s not forgotten.

Write him at:
James Dzelajilja
OSP 530-144
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd
Youngstown, OH 44505

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denise29October. Ihsan’s health has been improving. Her stamina is returning and she has begun physical therapy which will take several months. A few days ago, she moved her left leg. Still no movement in her right leg… No movement YET.
Her sister sent photos. The pictures from 06 October she looked totally wiped out. Pictures from just ten days later, she looked like herself. Some of the photos show what appear to be unexplained burns on her right arm, serious enough to make baseball-diameter blisters. It’s unknown what kind of medical care would have done that to her while she was medicated, unconscious, and dehydrated nearly to death.
Her therapy is painful and frustrating. She could use encouragement. She is, after all, battling back from 3 strokes caused by medical neglect. Send cards and correspondence to:
Ihsan, c/o Brenda White
P.O. Box 2062
Richmond, TX 77406

19 OCTOBER. Ihsan has started physical therapy in hope of regaining use of her legs. She cannot yet wiggle her toes but has sensation in her feet and has pain in her legs. The pain is a good sign, indicating the nerves are active. She is still on morphine for pain and is sometimes groggy, and she suffers stomach problems from medications and has begun running a fever, possibly another infection. She recently battled pneumonia.
Please send cards and letters via her sister, address in last update. And remember to leave her name at the site of your next action, sending her a photo to lift her spirits.
Ihsan is proving to the hierarchs how hard it is to kill us. Let’s prove how hard it is to kill our solidarity too.

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The Mumia Law

First aired on The Final Straw. MUMIA

Have you heard about the new law passed in Pennsylvania? Super-fascist Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett recently signed a law that potentially eliminates prisoner public speech. This comes on the heals of Mumia Abu-Jamal giving a commencement address at a college he attended.
On the one day of the year that the U.S. didn’t start a new war, Mumia became a news story and Maureen Faulkner heard about Mumia’s commencememt address on the radio. Faulkner is the widow of the Philadelphia cop who shot Mumia in the chest and then forgot how to duck. She claims that hearing about Mumia is just TOO PAINFUL and she needs Pennsylvania to pass a law and shut up Mumia so she won’t have to hear about him.
Yeah. No kidding. And so far, no one in Pennsylvania is smart enough to realize it’s cheaper to hire someone to teach Frootloop Faulkner to change the channel on her radio. Instead they pass a law to silence Mumia and even call it “The Mumia Law.” Well, unless that’s TOO PAINFUL for Faulkner. She may have to get another law passed to prevent Pennsylvania lawmakers from calling this The Mumia Law and make them refer to him as “The M-word,” not to be confused with the “N-word,” which the judge used several times in Mumia’s trial. Read more »

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