Dear Governor Kasich,

December 31, 2012

Dear Governor Kasich,

I’m writing to you with a golf pencil from the special management unit of Mansfield Correctional Institution. I’m waiting to be sent to Supermax.

If Ohio courts followed Ohio law, I never would have come to prison. But Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Ann B. Maschari refused to follow a higher court mandate when I was ordered a pre-trial, so I’ve remained in prison for 21 years now, for a crime I didn’t commit, without a lawful conviction.

No one will make Ohio courts follow Ohio law… including you.

So, if not for Ohio courts’ lawlessness, I wouldn’t be in Ohio and you wouldn’t be hearing from me. But, alas, here I am.
Then, if the Ohio Adult Parole Authority followed the law, I probably wouldn’t be here. But, they held a full board hearing without notifying my counsel as required by statue and board member Gary Croft participated in giving me 5 more years in prison while my civil action against him was still pending – a civil action for atrocities Gary committed in his previous position.

Ol’ Gary never runs out of atrocities.

So, if not for Gary Croft’s (and the rest of the Ohio Adult Parole Authority’s) complete lack of regard for Ohio law, I probably wouldn’t still be in Ohio. You wouldn’t be hearing from me. But, alas, here I am.

Nobody will make the parole board follow the law… including you.

So, instead of being free – as I would be if the law mattered in Ohio – I’m now on my way to Supermax for two reasons. First, my religion and second, my objection to your appointees giving away Ohioans’ private information to wealthy golf buddies without consent.

First, my religion – as a Neolithic Indigenist, I believe non-tribal, hierarchical systems are a rebellion against the creator. Because of this deeply-held belief that is part and parcel to my state-approved religion, I have been “ideologically profiled” by prison investigator Angela M. Hunsiger. My ideology is the rationale for sending me to Supermax.

Second, Gary C. Mohr, the former Corrections Corporation of America lobbyist you appointed as ODRC Director decided to take the private information of 750,000 unsuspecting citizens who trusted your administration to safeguard their private information, and he handed it over to Florida fat cats who now profit off of those 750,000 unsuspecting citizens’ identities. So when I wrote an article questioning the legality of selling my elderly parents’ identities to a Florida corporation and thereby turning Ohio government into a sock puppet for out-of-state corporations that buy off politicians like you with huge campaign contributions, director Mohr’s underlings used my religion and my Jpay opposition to say I’m a gang leader and a criminal.
I’m going to Supermax.

Gary C. Mohr is going to the bank.

You’re going with him.

Ohio tax payers are going broke.

Something in all of this seems fundamentally unfair. I have to think that I’m not the only one in Ohio who notices. No offense, Governor, but if the rest of your appointees are as big of ass-clowns as the people you’ve got running your prison complex, I’m surprised nobody has burned down the statehouse yet.

So, I noted that Article 1, Section 2 of the Ohio constitution provides that the people have the right to abolish the government. To me, that sounds like a solution. And I can’t imagine I’m the only one to feel that way, seeing how Gary Mohr just bundled up 750,000 citizens’ identities and gave them to identity pirates.

I bet they’re mad too.

My plan is called “Ohio Spring,” an international convergence on Ohio, May 1, 2013 to shockupy the system and abolish it once and for all. I hope to see you there. It hasn’t been since the French revolution that government officials have been stripped naked and kicked down the steps, into the angry arms of the people they betrayed. Hopefully, we can change all that.
And if that doesn’t pan out, I’ll be running against you in 2014. I’ll be running as a write-in candidate from Supermax. Legally, I can’t have my name on the ballot, but voters can vote for me.

Nobody knows their pain and anger about having this government not work for them better than I do. Nobody. I’ll be the guy who tried to tell them the truth, the only one, and got sent to Supermax for it.

I don’t just plan to run, I plan to win. And when I win, I’m abolishing the state government. I don’t know what comes after, because that’s up to the people. But I know this: if you and this government are the best it has to offer, then we’re better off scrapping it completely.

And we will.

So here’s to freedom, which means a world without you running it.

Ohio Spring
May 1, 2013.

Freedom or death,
Sean Swain,
Political Prisoner
Manci Special Management Unit
21 Nov 12

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